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Here at Healing, Hope & Love we support our troops, and soon realized that our fallen soldiers often times leave behind children that are frequently overlooked by the masses. That’s when Freedom Kids was born. With no other organization focusing on these precious children, we are excited about pouring our love and kindness into them. They shouldn’t be overlooked and they should not be forgotten. Losing a parent is never easy and it’s a lot for a child to process. If the child doesn’t get the positive support that he/she/they  need(s), the loss could lead to damaging effects as an adult. And though our program doesn’t offer a healing quick-fix, surviving guardians and the Freedom Kinds themselves continue to tell us how grateful they are for our program’s thoughtfulness. 

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Guardians are described as those that watch over and/or protect another. Thank you to all of our Guardians for all that do.


Your gift to "Where Most Needed" gives Healing, Hope & Love the resources and opportunity to continue operating in the most efficient and effective ways possible. We’re able to apply these donations to our most critical and pressing needs and we thank you in advance for giving.



Freedom Kids is open to children between the ages of six and seventeen who have lost a parent in the military in the last twenty-four months. Once a child has been identified and the surviving guardian has opted-in to our program, we’re dedicated to sending that child two care packages per year: the first in July containing school supplies for the Fall semester, and the second in December containing school supplies for the Spring semester. Freedom Kids receive their final care package after their eighteenth birthday.





If you or someone you know is interested in joining or getting more information about Freedom Kids, please contact us today.

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