Whether you live in Los Angeles or have never visited California there are few people that have never heard the term “skid row.” For most it’s a term used to describe destitute situations, but for those living in Tent City, Skid Row is home. It has been said to house the highest concentration of homeless individuals in the United States. However, since 2013 the Los Angeles homeless population is visibly larger, spilling onto sidewalks and neighborhoods far beyond the borders of Skid Row.


Unfortunately, homelessness isn’t unique to Los Angeles, which is why our Food For Friends program quickly expanded to serve those living beyond the borders of California. Today we're fortunate to be able to provide routine meals and other resources to disadvantaged populations living in California, New York, North Carolina. We also serve communities in a number of other states when those Guardians organize said events

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Guardians are described as those that watch over and/or protect another. Thank you to all of our Guardians for all that do.


Your gift to "Where Most Needed" gives Healing, Hope & Love the resources and opportunity to continue operating in the most efficient and effective ways possible. We’re able to apply these donations to our most critical and pressing needs and we thank you in advance for giving.



On the second Saturday of every month, our Guardians gather to prepare and distribute lunch bags for our "friends." Each lunch bag contains a sandwich, a hand-written message of inspiration, and a bottle of water. On special occasions lunch bags may also include a piece of fruit, a sweet treat, feminine products, socks, a toiletry item, and/or other goods that our friends frequently request. Our lunch bags are hand-prepared and hand delivered. Our friends have come to rely on the resources that we provide, but more importantly, they rely on the smiles that we give--and we look forward to giving them.





If you are interested in becoming one of our Food For Friends volunteers, or you'd like to donate supplies, please contact us today.

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